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1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me!"

2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.

3. You will post the answers to the questions (and the questions themselves) on your blog or journal.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. And thus the endless cycle of the meme goes on and on and on and on ... .

MmkayCollapse )
Mmmmmm okay.  I should really stop writing Twilight-related things, because Twilight-related things make me angry, and it doesn't really make sense to keep writing about things that make me angry.  But see, it's really, really alarming to me when I go to school and hear from all my Magnet-program, 4.0 toting, cock-reviling college-bound friends that Stephanie Meyer is Jesus reincarnate, and Twilight is the greatest thing to be written since Candide.

Ahah.  Hahahahaha.

And you know, I had this whole ranty essay thing I was going to write out, but then I realized how pissy and boring and generally just unfunny it was, so I dropped it. 

But lo!, as I was scouring the interwebs, this article came to my attention:  http://www.zap2it.com/celebrities/news/zap-stephenkingstepheniemeyernotgood,0,857306.story

Stephen King hates Twilight.  Stephen King hates Twilight.

Ohhhhh I didn't think it was physically possible to desire birthing privileges of his children any more than I already did, but.  I sense an uprising of middle-aged man hating prepubescent girls.

Jesus, this.



Been writing all week, AKA bigass post of doom.


GorillazCollapse )



State of MindCollapse )


...Jesus I'm sleepy. 





Jan. 23rd, 2009

Oh yeah oh yeah, wrote some Gorillaz drabbles to channel my utter glee.

One bought little!NoodleCollapse ) One bought Murdoc n' 2DCollapse )

Murdoc's character is surprisingly difficult to get right.  I can't quite grasp his certain dickish smooth talking not so smooth talking weirdly affectionate disgusting dark charming edginess.  There's just so much to him; it's hard to figure out what fits where in what situation.  Also 2D's accent confuses me.  BUT I SHALL LEARN. 

...don't ask me about the oddness of the cuts.  I don't know.  Or the weirdness of the font.  Actually, I advise you to just read it on fanfiction.net, because that site gives me less shit.


Oh my fucking God, the Gorillaz are coming out with a new CD.  FBDJSKFBDSLJKFSUYAODB V.

I dunno if I've ever mentioned that I like the Gorillaz, but I really, really do.  They're right up there with Fiona Apple and Sufjan Stevens.  The fact that they're cartoons just adds to their appeal.

Electric Shock has to be my favorite new demo, I'm pretty so-so about the first two or so minutes BUT OH SHIT WHEN THEY START MELDING IT WITH THE ELECTRIC BEAT STUFF.  And you know, I'm not even saying the beginning's bad, it's fucking good and it's as experimental as a song can get.  It's one of the reasons I luff them to my core, they take risks and every single one of their songs is completely original.  Plus it's not done yet.  There could be some CRAZY INSANE vocals that make the song pop even more!  Gracious I might just have an orgasm. 

Oh, oh and I love Noodle's new voice.  Sounds older but still so Noodley, ahjdfds I can't handle it.

As far as image goes, I'm really hoping that BBC card is not what Murdoc's going to look like. Seriously?  Seriously.  I'm going to love him no matter what happens, but I'd rather love Murdoc when he doesn't look like a ninety year old man.  I know he's spent a while in hell and he abuses alcohol and he's healthy as an asthmatic two year old, but still.  He's forty two.  Not five hundred.  And didn't he technically get a new body anyway?  I must refresh my Murdoc knowledge.

I mean, I'm all for the entire band realistically aging and stuff, but my teenage girl part (the part that enjoyed Twilight, for about an hour) wants Murdoc to be sexy in his weird ugly way.  I can't help myself.

I'm really interested in how Noodle's going to change, being that she's practically all grown up now.  Maybe we'll be able to see her eyes or something.  The only thing I might have a problem with is if they take her image and go all SluttyMcSlutSlut with it.  I think that's the only thing they could ever possibly do to her that might squick me.  Oh, that and if they changed her eye color.  Green + Purple = my color scheme from heaven.  I also really, really want more details on her and Murdoc's Hell shenanigans, partly because I just love Murdoc and Noodle in general, and also because my deeply-engraved 'ship the most fucked-up pairing available' instincts have me all rabid over any kind of interaction they share.  Any kind.  I don't care if it's them talking about what kind of paper towels to buy.  I want it.

I'm not worried about 2D or Russel, because as far as development goes the creators pretty much leave them alone.  Except seeing somewhat-assholish 2D would be fun. 

...okay I'm done now.  Until Phase 3 officially launches.  Then I'll explode.

Naruto 430

Why the fuck is Naruto stronger than Tsunade?
I've been having sexual fantasies about Edward Elric for the past three days.

I've been so animoo lately.  I just read through every single Fullmetal Alchemist manga, AND IT IS AMAZING.  I'm not going to write a reaction post, because it's perfect the way it is.  Fast paced with realistic characters with realistic skills and personalities and a supporting cast I actually care about, and did I mention how realistic it is?  And I actually find myself engaged and interested in the fights, and all the little relationships going on, and just, oh goodness.  Not to mention the art is unique and delicious, and if you shaved off everyone's hair you'd still be able to tell which one was which.

Plus Ed is like.  Sexy hot.  Mmmmhmm.

I'm not going to bother with the anime, because apparently it spirals off into all kinds of shitty directions.  And oh God the pairings.  I have to say my favorite relationship is Ling/Ran Fan, romantic or just friends.  Their personalities just bounce so nicely.  Then there's Roy/Riza.  My attitude towards Edward/Winry fluctuates between 'This is kind of boring' to 'Nevermind I love this', so, I dunno.  We'll see.  It's kind of shocking that I've found a fandom where I automatically gravitate towards all the expected pairings.  Usually I'd be shipping like...Scar/Winry.  I kind of want to.  Oh, and Roy x Ed.  That's always hot.  Parental is okay too, but most of the time it's way too fluffish.  Roy and Ed seem a lot more in character when they're fighting and then having angry sex than when Ed is sobbing on Roy's lovey dovey shoulder, heart suddenly tender as a young flower.


Also I wrote a demi-smutty Ling/Ran Fan fic.Collapse )


I'm pretty sure the whole thing goes to shit at the smut part, because I suck at that, but whatever.  Practice.

I also got a Wii Fit for Christmas, and I love it.  I'm afraid to say the running in place game is shit, and is in no way a good substitute for actual running, but that's okay.  I have the hoola hoop game for when I can't run.  Plus I'm doing Yoga every morning (and drinking green tea instead of coffee.  Lul.), and strength training.  The balance games seem pretty useless, but they're fun.  Except for the fucking bubble game.  I keep drowning.  

My Wii keeps telling me I've gained weight every time I use it.  Apparently I've put on six pounds in the last day and a half.  Ummmmmmm.

Happy New Year's!

Naruto 429

Mkay, so I read all the Vampire Knight manga and am working my way through the anime.  I'm on episode 4 Guilty or something. 

Thus my reponse.Collapse )

And I'm...all ranted out.  We will see what happens when the new chapter's translated.